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LOST IN THE TAX LAW? Then you are not the only one. Tax law are technical and difficult to understand for people and even for does who work with tax as a profession.

BINDING RULING - To be sure you are interpreting a tax rule correctly you can apply for a so called "Binding Ruling" from the Danish tax authority (SKAT). The ruling will be valid for your and the given specific situation the ruling is based on.

WHY AND HOW - Tax law is complex and not easy to navigate in and therefore many cases ends up in court. To avoid a situation where you may have misunderstood a tax rule and ultimately may need to pay more in tax/penalties you can ask for a "Binding Ruling". This is done via a special form and has a small fee attached to it.

WHY CONTACT US? When making a binding ruling, it is extremely important to

1) make sure the facts for the specific questions are laid down correct and

2) make sure the the Binding Ruling refers to the relevant tax rules and

3) the arguments for your questions are build up the right way

All the above will ensure the best possibility for a positive ruling.

We are ready at

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